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Vendor Information -
All new applicants will be added to a waitlist. Please still apply if you are interested, we will be sending out updates no later than July 10th!   

 The Event: This is a first-year, all-genre Book Fair at the Lynnwood Event Center in Lynnwood WA on Saturday 11/23/2024. We want AUTHORS, ILLUSTRATORS, & REGIONAL PUBLISHERS from Idaho, Oregon and Washington to sell, sign and talk about your books. To ensure we get as many genres as possible, this is a juried show. We accept both traditionally and independently published authors.

Space Information: Full space: $100 / Half spaces: $50. The space limit is one author. Wi-Fi is included. Each full space comes with an 8-foot table and two chairs.  Half space is half of a table and one chair. Half spaces will be sharing the space with another author. Full Space receive 2 Vendor Pins. Half space receive 1 Vendor Pin.

Every Vendor will have a 50-word bio, author, and cover pic on this website and be announced on our social media, closer to the event.

Advertising:  We will be advertising to online readers and reading groups. Elizabeth will be writing press releases for the Snohomish County, King County, and Seattle news. If you want a copy of a press release to your local newspaper or event calendar, let us know. We have a Facebook group for the book fair and a Facebook event with links for ticketing. Gretchen will be putting together our social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok). We will hand out small flyers or postcards at other local events and have a poster distribution effort from Seattle to Everett starting in late October. If you have an idea or want to help, let us know!  


Vendor Rules and Information: 

  1. Vendors must have books to sell – not just giveaway. Books must be majority of products on your table. If you have other products, they must be book or your book related: pins with your characters on them, etc. (If you have any questions about what might be acceptable, feel free to ask)

  2. Vendors must have a business license for the state of Washington. Vendors run their own sales, collect, and are required to submit sales tax. You must have a UBI number, you can apply for a temporary one here. We encourage vendors to hold their own vendor insurance for the event, but do not require it.

  3. Vendors will not spread outside their assigned space without permission.

  4. No subletting. All vendors must apply separably. If you want to share a booth with someone, we will do our best to accommodate you, however, each vendor, unless in a formalized and legal partnership or corporation with another, must apply separately and must have their own UBI number and collect taxes. (This is required by Washington State.) 

  5. No books written or illustrated by AI, Fan Fiction, or Fan Art allowed of characters still under copyright that anyone other than the author owns.  

  6. You agree to be open during all hours of the book fair. No early take downs. 

  7. The Facebook event will be private until a little later in the year, once we begin accepting authors, we will start promotion all preorder tickets must go through our website, so please do not make other FB events for this event!

  8. Tables must be covered with tablecloth provided by the author. Boxes and bins must be stowed. If you do not have a tablecloth, please let us know in advance: we will have some holiday tablecloths to share.

  9. This is a holiday show, if you want to decorate your booth in the theme of your favorite winter holiday, go for it. However, the Event Center prohibits: mylar balloons, fire, candles, glitter, confetti, pop-up tents or free standing structures with ceilings, dirt, hay, chalk, and smoke / haze machines. No sticking anything to walls. 

  10. Space must be kept clean. If something spills, come get us. Vendors are required to remove all boxes/garbage at the end of the event.

  11. No music will be played at the booths. If you want to share a bit of an audio book, please bring headphones.  

  12. No children under twelve allowed at setup, takedown, or behind the booth. 

  13. Vendors will conduct themselves in a business-like manner at all times. No foul language. Your fans may not care, but someone else’s might. If you sell adult content, no nudity or other adult imagery may be exposed at your table.  NOTE: If you have questions on how to display your content, please ask Elizabeth. We will have several colors of ribbons to match your covers. 

  14. Vendors must arrive by 10:30 at the latest or they forfeit their space. We will literally give it to your neighbor. 

  15. Failure to follow these rules will mean you will not be asked back to future events.

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