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Book Awards

Written in the Northwest is committed to providing enchanting Northwest literature to readers everywhere. In order to help recognize the talent, art, hard work, and passion of crafting exceptional books,  we offer the Larch Award for Children’s Books and the Spruce Award for Adult's Books. These awards recognize outstanding work in their respective categories. 

Meet the Judges

Our committee of judges, each bring their unique perspectives and love of literature.

Learn more about the individuals who passionately select the book awards

Raven Oak

Multi-international award-winning speculative fiction author & artist Raven Oak (she/they) is best known for her epic fantasy Amaskan’s Blood (2016 Ozma Fantasy Award Winner & Epic Awards Finalist) & her short story collection Dragon's Springs & Other Things. She enjoys tabletop games, indulging in cartography, and staring at the ocean. Along with the usual social media sites, she can be found at

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Cover for Voices Carry by Raven Oak.

Amy Meredith

Amy Meredith is a book and comic book expert with twenty-five years in the industry. She adores Ducks, Deadpool and playing World of Warcraft. She also works as an occasional voice actor..being different people behind the scenes is something in which she excels. Subspace Comics once hid under another name that did its time and passed on to allow the awesomeness of Subspace to arise. 

Subspace Comics is located at

3333 184th St SW, Suite G

Lynnwood, WA 98037


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Vivian Burrows

Debut Author and Developmental Editor, Vivian Burrows has loved thrillers since she was small. She lives in Idaho where she indulges in gluten-free baking and volunteering at her community gardens.

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Cover for Dead Air
Deadline for the 2024 Award has passed. Thank you and good luck to all applicants! 
  1. To be eligible for the NW Spruce Book Award: Books must be published for adult and teens reading audience during the years of 2021-2024. Author must be from Idaho, Oregon, Washington.

  2. To be eligible for the NW Larch: Books must be published for children's reading audience during the years of 2021-2024. Author must be from Idaho, Oregon, Washington. For picture books with few or no words, Illustrators are eligible. 

  3. Authors must fill Award form below by 6/1/2024 and will receive an email confirmation. Authors must send one hard copy to the address provided in email. Paperbacks are fine, but this is a competition and it should be the author's best work. If an author is named on the short list, they must send four copies of their book to the address given. (If an author cannot fulfill one's obligations, the book will be removed from the contest, and the next ranked book will be added to the short list.)  

  4. Both traditionally and independently published authors are welcome to apply.

  5. Judging is based on PHYSICAL MEDIA! No Ebooks. No Reprints or Second Editions. We want the book as it was originally published. 

  6. Every Attending Author (except Judges) is welcome enter ONE BOOK without additional cost. Non-Attending authors can apply to enter ONE BOOK for $15. We only accept one book per author. 

  7. Books will be judged on comfort of reading, layout, book art, cover, plot, characters, grammar, vocabulary, stylistic choices and genre appropriateness. 

  8. We do not offer feedback. 

  9. All choices of the judges are final. If an author argues or harasses a Judge or First Reader, they will be disqualified and prohibited to reapply for the award or the Book Fair. 

  10. Winners will be announced at the Book Fair. 

  11. The top score in each category is the winner.

  12. PRIZE: First Place is a trophy, bragging rights, and a press release written by Elizabeth Guizzetti. All Shortlist Finalists will receive a certificate. There is no cash reward.

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